The color of acacia honey ranges from light straw to greenish. Sometimes it can even be colorless , so it is thought to be the lightest of all honey. The acacia honey crystallizes the most slowly of all honey. After crystallization process it is white or even cream-yellow.

It characterizes delicate, subtle, easily insipid aroma, harmonizing with flowers of acacia (it is won over in period of flourish acacia robinia Robinia pseudoacacia).

in the jar of twist-off type 


in the jar with spring cap

From the point of view its sweetish, tender flavor, it is willingly eaten by children.

As a product rich in simple sugar, easy absorbed by organism, it is recommended in place of sugar for sweetening meals, intended for oldest children as well as infants.

Treatment of the acacia honey makes it possible to achieve positive results in treatment of stomatitis, duodenumitis.
It also speeds up renovation of mucous membrane, increases slime and ameliorates granulation.

The acacia honey is also valued as medication which aids in treatment of kidneys, urinary system, due to a low content of bioradical and amino acids.
Last time it is said about advantageous effect of honey in treatment of tumor diseases.


in the stoneware clay

package in the jar of twist-off type

Honey may crystallize over time. Crystallization does not affect the flavor, quality or nutritional content of the honey though it does affect color and texture. The crystals can be redissolved by heating the honey.