Buckwheat honey is of dark colour, even up to dark brown. Kept for long time in conditions enabling the access of light, changes its colour to dark brown, almost black. Buckwheat honey crystallizes creating thick, hard crystals. After the crystallization process it is usually of brown colour.

Buckwheat honey has very strong smell, resembling the fragrance of buckwheat flowers. It is sharp taste, even slightly pungent. Buckwheat honey has also antibiotical values. It is recommended to people with insufficient amount of iron in organism and also convalescents after surgeries.
in the jar of twist-off type 
in the jar with spring cap
Consumption of buckwheat honey influences the increase of haemoglobin level in blood. It also found its application in treating heart and stomach neurosis. 
Buckwheat honey also contains rutin.  That`s why it is advisable to people suffering from fragility of blood vessels.
Splendid for baking and production of mead.
in the stoneware clay

package in the jar of twist-off type

Honey may crystallize over time. Crystallization does not affect the flavor, quality or nutritional content of the honey though it does affect color and texture. The crystals can be redissolved by heating the honey.