Honey-dew (forest honey) is of dark color, from grey-green through brown to black. Crystallizes forming granules, has a kind of slight rooty smell and isn`t sweet.

In Poland fir tree and spruce honeys predominate. Honey-dew from evergreen trees have antiinfectious and antiseptic properties and also antibiotical ones. It`s recommended to people with upper respiratory track disorders and case of weak immunity organism. 
in the jar of twist-off type  

in the jar with spring cap

In buds and needless of evergreen trees there are aromatics, resins, starch, ascorbin acid, B i PP vitamins, mineral salt.
Honey-dew has anti-bacterium properties. It`s recommended to people suffering from rheumatism, skin and nervous system disorders.
Advisable for overworked people and for people working in conditions damaging to health.
This kind of honey is often called king-honey or pope-honey in Poland. This is because its universal properties.
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package in the jar of twist-off type

Honey may crystallize over time. Crystallization does not affect the flavor, quality or nutritional content of the honey though it does affect color and texture. The crystals can be redissolved by heating the honey.