Blossom (multiflower, polyflower, wildflower) honey is of light cream to tea-like colour. After crystallization process it is light grey or light brown.

It comes from nectar gathered by bees from different cultivation, meadow and mountain plants. This honey has very strong smell resembling the smell of wax. The taste is varied depending on the mixture of nectars brought to a bee hive. The variety of honey born plants has enormous influence on consumption and healing properties of wildflower honey.

in the jar of twist-off type 


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Blossom honey is widely used especially in treating allergic problems.
Also advisable preventively both for children and adults.
Blossom honey is the most popular kind of consumption honey.


for children

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Honey may crystallize over time. Crystallization does not affect the flavor, quality or nutritional content of the honey though it does affect color and texture. The crystals can be redissolved by heating the honey.