The heath bee’s honey (heather honey) is seldom founding and the least popular kind of honey. It is produced  from nectar won over from flowers of this plant. The heaths of south-eastern Poland are clean and undefiled ecologically, so final products have rare features and values.

The lightest heath honey are amber color, the darker ones have tea color, not very sweet, sharp enough and nobly pungent. Aroma of this honey is similar to heath and hot fields.

in the jar of twist-off type 


in the jar with spring cap

Crystallizes forming middling granules, and has the consistency of thick liquid in the form of gel.

This honey is used in treatment of pharyngitis, tonsillitis and pneumonia.
It is also recommended to people who suffer from urinary system diseases, prostate, kidneys diseases and enteritis.
The heath honey increases immunity and protects from evolution of infection.

The heath honey is marked by low biotic activity in comparison with the other kinds of honey.


in the stoneware clay

package in the jar of twist-off type

Honey may crystallize over time. Crystallization does not affect the flavor, quality or nutritional content of the honey though it does affect color and texture. The crystals can be redissolved by heating the honey.